Are the Love Languages Heteronormative?

Continuing our focus on relationships for the quarter, we’re looking at the love languages and how they can enrich our relationships this month. This week were whether the love languages are inherently heteronormative given their creator’s clear homophobia.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

Given Gary Chapman’s homophobia it would be easy to assume that the love languages themselves reflect his  bigotry.

But, do the love languages really assume a heterosexual coupling, and is there inherent gender bias in them beyond Mr. Chapman’s orientation?

While Mr. Chapman’s material doesn’t recognize non-heterosexual pairings the love languages are not an issue in and of themselves. They can apply across the gender and sexuality spectra.

It is important in a case like this to view the material from a neutral perspective. Leave out commentary and examples given by Chapman and use our understanding of twelve languages to construct a more queer relevant model.

It is then easy to see how the love languages can be applied to any human coupling regardless of the sexuality or gender identity of the partners.

We’ll take a look at the love languages for queer couples next wee

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