Are the Love Languages Homophobic?

Continuing our focus on relationships for the quarter, we’re looking at the love languages and how they can enrich our relationships this month. This week were looking at the creator of the love languages, Gary Chapman who is clearly homophobic. But, are the love languages homophobic?

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

The 5 love languages created by Gary Chapman. They are:

Words Affirmation

Acts of Service


Quality Time

Physical Touch

It is clear that Gray Chapman is a homophobe. This is a quote from his response to a parent whose child had just come out.

“Men and women are made for each other—it is God’s design. Anything other than that is outside of that primary design of God.”

The love languages have entered popular culture and are well known and discussed in many places not involved with Chapman or his bigoted views.

Why queer people should not support Gary Chapman or purchase any of his products. Perhaps also steering away from anyone who has supported him by doing any of his trainings.

We’ll talk about alternative voices, and places where you can explore a queer-friendly taken on the love languages  later in the month.

A chosen family, along with one or more healing modalities can help you create thriving romantic and platonic relationships.

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