Gay and Happy at 40

We’re already starting the second quarter of 2023. For this period we’re focusing on getting older. April’s Vlogs are all about embracing and celebrating milestones as we age. For this week how to be gay and happy at 40.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

While the rest of the world is talking about how 40 is the new 20 for queer culture, at least gay men, it can be the first “I’m old now” birthday.

Let’s take a step back and talk about the forties from my experience and what seems to be consensus from my friends, most of whom are over fifty now.

Once we find independence, often in our twenties and almost always by the time we hit thirty, life is defined by struggle. Establishing ourselves in careers or jobs is a big focus. Living independently  involves a lot of learning a new financial responsibilities.

Perhaps we’re at our most sexually attractive as well. But, as we’ll explore later that is really not always true.

Once we hit forty we’re in our groove. Building life on wha is hopefully a stable foundation.

It’s a time when many of us are also settling into relationships we started in our thirties or become more interested in finding a parter.

Life moves into a steady flow.

After all you’re only about half way through life. There’s so much more you’ll do and experience.

If you embrace the good things that are happening and celebrate them turning forty can be optimistic and joyous.

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