Gay Attachment Trauma

Continuing our focus on relationships for the quarter, we’re looking at attachment styles and their impact on our relationships this month. This week we’re exploring gay attachment trauma and how parental rejection impacts our ability to form healthy adult relationships.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

Even when attachment trauma isn’t extreme it is damaging. Whether it’s just our sense of being different and the resulting hiding, or rejection because of our way of being in he world, it will have an impact

Queer people on the whole, men in particular,  experience attachment issues. Male caregivers can be particularly challenging for queer men when they’re children.

Sexual orientation, or gender identity,  stigma may be linked to a decreased capacity to form secure attachment primary caregivers. This is both a cultural and a personal issue.

This makes it more likely that we don’t have a secure attachment style. If the rejection is direct, or even violent, we earn not to trust others.

You can recognize a less that ideal attachment style by looking at the trouble you have getting close to potential partners and even friends. If you push pellet away, or avoid them altogether you’re likely dealing with attachment issues.

Because so many of us face stigma and rejection, we create chosen families within which we learn to securely attach to others. To form close, enduring relationships.

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