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How Get Real Coaching Works​

Get Real Coaching is all about me helping you find you unique path to the life you’ve been looking for. A lot of the work we do will be removing powerful, unconscious, blocks that are preventing you from finding your way. To do that we’ll:

  • Address negative emotions like fear, and guilt, that might be holding you back.
  • Reframe unsupportive beliefs, and limiting decisions, that are blocking your progress.
  • Look at your values, the things that are most important to you, to make sure they have you heading in the right direction.
  • Set powerful, achievable goals to motivate you and keep you moving forward.

Sometimes, when you need it, we’ll just have an informal chat to help give you perspective, and keep you moving. You can also email me, text me, or book a quick check-in call, to help you get unstuck when you need it.

Get Real coaching is about you, and what you want from life. That will always be the most important thing when we work together.

“Since our session I have been absolutely blown away at how I’ve felt. Things that would normally cause a flash of anger or frustration were nearly all, but diffused. I didn’t feel angry. I was able to respond with reason and understanding without first having to consciously control myself.” – Anthony


Get Real Coaching Options

There are monthly payment plans available for all our coaching programs.

The 3 month Quick Start program is designed for men who’ve already done a significant amount of work in the area they’re struggling with. It lets us tweak what you’ve already done and get you solidly moving forward.

The cost for the 3 month (7 session) Quick Start program is $1,200.

The 6 month immersion program is designed for men who’ve done a significant amount of personal development work, but haven’t focused a lot on the area that they’re struggling with. It gives us plenty of time to take advantage of the foundation you’ve built as we work through everything that’s in the way of moving beyond your challenges.

The cost for the 6 month (13 session) Immersion program is $ 2,100.

The 9 month Transformation program is for men who haven’t done much work on the issue they’re facing, or haven’t gotten much forward movement from what they have done. It gives us enough time to dig deep into everything that’s in the way so you can start moving beyond your challenges.

The cost for the 9 month (19 session) Transformation Program is $3,000


What's Next?

Regardless of where you are in your journey we'll always start with a Personal Discovery Session. The Personal Discovery Session is an important first step for both of us. I always start this way with potential clients because it gives us an opportunity to figure out if we’d be a good fit to work together. It also lets me understand your problem so I can guide you to the best solution.

If you’re uncertain about your issue, that’s fine, we’ll focus on understanding it, and figuring out how to approach it together. Just click the button below to learn more and schedule your session.