How a Gay Life Coach Helps You Discover What Your Best Life Looks Like.

Welcome! I’m Brian. I’m so happy you found me.  I help queer men figure out what they really want out of life, and how to get there.

How a gay male life coach can help you

You’re probably wondering  what getting you to the life of your dreams would even look like. Honestly. that completely depends on you. As a gay male life coach I won’t settle for cookie cutter solutions, and neither should you.

We'll focus gay life coaching on you.

  • It could be that you’re having trouble finding that relationship you’re craving, or figuring out what to do with the one you’re in.

  • Maybe you’re just not sure how to deal with getting older in our youth obsessed culture.

  • Sometimes figuring out the right career move has you feeling lost.

  • Dealing with your sexuality and coming out might be weighing on your mind.

You’re unique. So are the things you want for your life, the challenges you face, and your path through those challenges to your dreams. As your gay male life coach I always put your uniqueness front and center and use it to guide us forward.

What have you been hiding?

The one thing all queer men have in common is that because of shame or discomfort with our sexuality we learned to hide. But our sexuality isn’t all we hid. We hid anything that made us feel not normal, or made other people uncomfortable. Some of us got so good at it that we even hide things from ourselves. That’s why is can be so hard to figure out what we really want sometimes.

I’m here to help you learn how your emotions, beliefs, and values are creating your life so we can set the stage for you to discover fulfillment and happiness.

Let’s start the process by figuring out what a gay male life coach can do to help.  Just click the button below to take your first step and set up your free consultation.

“Brian Madigan leads by example and speaks from experience. His wisdom and guidance were invaluable in helping me transition my life and transform my reality. I am very happy, grateful and feel blessed to have been referred to such a unique and skilled gay life coach.”- Ren

About Gay Life Coach Brian Madigan

      • Why did you become a gay life coach?
        • For most of my life I’ve been driven to help people. Being a gay life coach lets me put my skills and experience to work making the lives of my queer brothers better.
      • What are your qualifications?
        • I am a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
        • I have extensive training and coaching experience from a 25 year career in corporate information technology. 
        • I have experience in many other techniques, from energy healing, to the Sedona Method®, that can be used to foster and create change in my clients. 
      • How long have you been coaching?
          • I focused my business on coaching in 2010 but I’ve been assisting and coaching people throughout my adult life. I’ve even run into people from high school who talk about how much I helped them.

About Coaching Programs

      • What are coaching programs?
          • A coaching program is a preset number of coaching sessions that has a structure and aims at making specific progress over  the time you’re in it. 
      • What are the advantages of a coaching program?
          • Coaching programs create structure and focus. In addition, when you sign up for one of my coaching programs you get access to me by email, text, and for quick check in sessions whenever you need. We’re making a commitment to the process, and each other. 
      • Can coaching be successful without a program?
          • Yes, it can be. But, it’s up to the client to keep the process going by booking sessions. It can be challenging to keep moving when working through difficult issues.