Gay Men and Attachment Style

Continuing our focus on relationships We’ll be shifting gears this moth and looking at gay men and attachment styles. This week we’ll explore what they are and some differences in the way queer people attach.

While we may be very similar to straight people, queer folks experience more difficulty with attachment to caregivers because of our innate differences. But, we have developed unique ways to learn secure attachment.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

What are the three attachment styles?

Secure – caregivers are predictable and warm

Avoidant – caregivers are distant or physically unavailable

Anxious-Ambivalent – caregivers are unpredictable or unaware of needs.

Your attachment style influences how you see the world and others. It has particularly powerful impacts on intimate relationships.

Attachment style can create issues in forming close friendships and stable romantic relationships so it is worth exploring.

It is possible to learn to be securely attached in later life. This style is often referred to as “learned secure” and can be influenced but our adult relationships.

One of the ways queer folks have dealt with parental rejection and the resulting insecure attachment style is through chosen family.

Queer folks, particularly men may be less securely attached because of being in a hostile/homophobic environment. We’ll talk more about that impact next month.

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