Gay Men's Spiritual Coaching

Don’t Let Anger or Shame Disconnect You From Spirit.

gay mens spiritual coaching

  As queer men most of us have experienced rejection from the traditions we were born into. That’s left us suspicious of religion, and for good reason. But, whether you’re trying to find a way to reconcile with your current faith, or looking to explore other paths to connect with the Universe, gay men’s spiritual coaching can help you find your way.

When we: 

  • Deal with negative emotions like fear and shame, that stop you from moving deeper into your own spiritual essence.
  • Reframe unsupportive beliefs to help you embrace who you really are, who you were created to be.
  • Delve into your deepest values to bring you back into a balanced relationship with the creator, however you may see him/her/them.


I help queer men find spiritual connection in two ways: 

  • Helping them find freedom and connection in a New Spiritual Path. 
  • Helping them find freedom and connection in their Current Spiritual Tradition.


A New Path Forward in an Ancient Tradition

Sometimes open exploration is really a better approach. It certainly was for me. I was raised Catholic and realized in my teens that I didn’t want to call that tradition home. 

After a lot of years experimenting and exploring I found Ifa. An ancient African tradition. When we combine gay men’s spiritual coaching with the insights and practices of Ifa we have a powerful way to get you more connected to yourself and the Universe. 

In ifa your sexuality  is considered and integral part of your destiny. Your identity as a queer man is a powerful part of the learning and growth you’re here for. Your orientation is an important aspect of your path not something that’s in the way, or that should be kept hidden.

I offer a free consultation that explores your essential energy from an Ifa perspective and gives you some insights into what your life here is meant to be about. It’s a great way to get a deeper understanding of who you are and how to get moving even if you decide not to work with me. 

A word from my mentors:

Both my husband and I have gotten to really know Oluwo Brian over the past decade through regular weekly contact online and meetings in the sacred Orisa gardens a few times each year.


Oluwo Brian is a man that has done the work to be there for you. He is brilliant. Very personable. Commits to you in a deep sincere way. Few people care like Brian does.

His Ifa wisdom sphere encompasses a wealth of depth that can meet each person’s specific space. We know he knows what he is doing and that he will do it with great integrity.

We are so excited he has stepped up and elevated his Ifa-ing to include specializing in working with Gay and Bisexual men. So many need what he can offer. This is a great accomplishment and well deserved.

He has taken his time to develop a very clear solid base which will enable each person who comes his way to elevate how their life vibrates. Ashe to you.

Modupe, Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke and Oluwo Philip Neimark, Fagbamila


A New Freedom Within an Old System

So many of us were raised in traditions that reject us for who we are. With gay men’s spiritual coaching we’ll remove all the roadblocks to finding your way to your spiritual source. 

I’ll be there to help you dig deep and explore spiritual communities within your existing faith that will support you as a queer man embracing the faith of your ancestors. 

I offer a free one hour consultation that will let us figure out where you stand with your current faith and explore ways you can remove whatever is preventing from engaging with it in a healthy way that embraces all of you, including your sexuality. Whether you choose to work with me, or not. You’ll walk away with some great ideas about how to get moving.

Letting go to move forward.

“Hang ups that I had have become non-issues now. I wait for that familiar uncomfortable feeling and it’s just not there. There’s more to do as limiting beliefs surface but gay men’s spiritual coaching has given me the tools to deal with them now.” – Anthony