gay men's spiritual guidance

When they tell you who you are is a sin.

Gay men’s spiritual guidance is designed to help you let go of fear, shame and old beliefs so that you can see yourself clearly again. Don’t let other people’s prejudice stop you from reclaiming your faith. 

The concept of a perfect creator is a common thread in most of the worlds religions.But, if God is perfect how can there be anything wrong with who you were born to be? You were created in the image of your creator. Let’s help you see yourself that way again.

“Brian Madigan leads by example and speaks from experience. His wisdom and guidance were invaluable in helping me transition my life and transform my reality. I am very happy, grateful and feel blessed to have been referred to such a unique and skilled gay life coach.”- Ren

You were born this way

In spite of all the religious rhetoric, you know, at a very profound level, that your sexuality is something you were born with. If you’ve been trying with all you have to “pray the gay away” you know that’s true.

The fact is everyone around you has been trying to make you straight all your life and it hasn’t worked. That’s because it isn’t who you are. It isn’t how God made you.

You are a unique and perfect expression of God’s beautiful, diverse, creation. Whatever your faith there are affirming congregations that understand this basic truth.

Find the Freedom to be Who You Are

Let’s dig in to what’s really holding you back from reclaiming your relationship with God.

  • Let go of negative emotions like shame and fear that block you from seeing the beautiful creation that you are.
  • Reframe beliefs about yourself, your sexuality, and the divine, that have created the separation you feel.
  • Dig into your core values to discover true alignment with yourself and with spirit.
  • Get support finding an affirming faith community that will welcome you back home. 

“I was amazed how easily and completely I’ve been able to clear emotions that I’ve dealt with my whole life. I used to spend time and energy managing them. But, since working with Brian as my gay life coach, once they’re cleared they’re done.” – Tony

Let's Talk About Your Relationship with Spirit . Sign Up for your Free Consultation.

The free consultation is an opportunity for us to explore the issues you’re facing and how you might be able to get some resolution.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An hour with me, one-on-one.
  • Some clarity on what you’re facing on your path.
  • A better understanding of the obstacles standing in your way. 
  • Some ideas about the way forward.
  • Seeing what’s possible, and what you really want.
  • Figuring out whether coaching is right for you and what other approaches might consider.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gay Men's Spiritual Guidance

What is Transformational Coaching?


      • How is transformational coaching different?
          • In regular life coaching your coach acts as an advice giver and guide. With transformational coaching your coach uses many techniques to create powerful lasting change while still providing support and guidance. 
      • What techniques do you use for transformational coaching?
        • I’m a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which provides a powerful set of tools to release negative emotions, reframe limiting beliefs, create supportive values, and set powerful and compelling goals. 
        • Are the changes you make permanent?
          • Yes, while we sometimes need to tackle a particularly challenging issue in several ways, the shifts we create are profound and permanent.

Who is GBTQ Men’s Coaching For?

          • I work with queer men across the gender and sexuality spectrum in a respectful and inclusive way.
          • Coaching is ideal for guys who are struggling to know themselves and what they really want from life. 
          • Coaching is also great if you’ve been trying to accomplish something on your own and haven’t been able to. Particularly if you have no idea what’s been holding you back.
          • Many coaches, including me, work in concert with counselors, and therapists. But, a coach is not a substitute for a mental health professional. If you are seeing a therapist, or counselor, it’s important for them to agree before we start working together. 

About Gay Life Coach Brian Madigan

      • Why did you become a gay life coach?
        • For most of my life I’ve been driven to help people. Being a gay life coach lets me put my skills and experience to work making the lives of my queer brothers better.
      • What are your qualifications?
        • I am a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
        • I have extensive training and coaching experience from a 25 year career in corporate information technology. 
        • I have experience in many other techniques, from energy healing, to the Sedona Method®, that can be used to foster and create change in my clients. 
      • How long have you been coaching?
          • I focused my business on coaching in 2010 but I’ve been assisting and coaching people throughout my adult life. I’ve even run into people from high school who talk about how much I helped them.