Gay Shamanism. A Path Forward in an Ancient Tradition.

What is Ifa?

To get us started looking at gay shamanism I want to share the ancient African tradition I practice with you. It’s called Ifa.  My lineage has taken Ifa in a direction that we believe honors it’s original teachings, but reflects  modern values.

Ifa is meant to grow and evolve along with the people who practice it. It’s hardly to be expected that the Ifa we practice today would look a lot like that practiced in ancient Africa. The concepts that set Ifa apart however, are still in place. Our understanding of them, and our approach to the Universe they describe, is different.  We want to understand, and practice, Ifa from a modern, Western, perspective. Ifa has always been about good character which is the only way to judge behavior.

How Queer Men Fit.

A second important concept in Ifa is destiny. By destiny we mean the unique journey of learning and growth that you chose for this lifetime. Your sexuality is critical to that journey.

Sexuality is an undeniable part of who you are. It brings you a diverse set of experiences through which to learn and grow. It is one part of the puzzle that’s you. That mystery is something you’re meant to spend your life exploring. My coaching in gay shamanism guides you on that deep inner journey to find alignment and discover a deep inner freedom. You are there has ever been and the only one that will ever be. Ifa is a gateway to find deeper ways to express that truth in your life. 

How I Deepened My Spirituality as a Gay Man

I’ve explored a lot of spiritual paths in my time. Changing tracks wasn’t about getting bored, or giving up when things got tough. It was that as a gay man, things dead-ended for me. Some teachers felt addressing homosexuality wasn’t their job. There were others who felt that  being gay or bisexual shouldn’t even be considered an important factor. Some were outright homophobic.

I was nervous when I first encountered Ifa. With its origins in West Africa, and close ties to Cuba and Catholicism in the West I expected rampant homophobia. But, homophobia isn’t really part of Ifa. In my lineage all people of good character are accepted. 

Here I am over decade later, a senior member of the community and respected elder. There are many queer people in the community across the sexuality and gender spectra.

My sexuality is part of my spirituality. Finally, I’m with people who get it. Your orientation doesn;t limit your ability to grow spiritual, it’s part of your path.

Let's Explore What Ifa has to Say About You.

Divination is an important part of the Ifa tradition. But, it’s not about predicting the future. It’s about understanding the energies that impact our lives. Before you arrived here you chose important orientations that comprise your life path. I offer a free consultation where you’ll discover those choices.  Here’s what we’ll explore together: 

  • Your guardian energy which describes the kind of person you are when you’re expressing your inner-most truth.
  • Your life path energy which helps you orient towards life in a way that leads you  to your destiny.
  • What Ifa has to say about two areas of your life that you’re most concerned with. It will give you clarity about why you’re stuck and how to start moving forward.
  • Exploring the Guardian Ancestor. A departed blood relative who has been watching over you since you were in the womb so that you can begin to receive guidance from them.

What the Life Path Discovery Session is Like.

“It’s like Brian really got me and understood me as a person even though we’d never met before.” – Chad R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ifa?

Ifa is an ancient shamanic tradition first practiced by the Yoruba people of West Africa around 8,000 years ago. 

We have taken Ifa in a direction that we believe honors the original Yoruba teachings, but reflects more modern cultural understanding. Ifa is meant to grow and evolve along with the people who practice it. 

We’re not trying to resurrect an ancient truth but to understand, and practice, it from a modern, Western, perspective. This gives queer men a unique path forward in a tradition that honors who they are. 

How does God fit into Ifa?

The universe is continually emerging from a single source. Olodumare, or God,  is in everything, and part of everything. We do not worship Olodumare directly.

Ifa does not treat the Orisa, or the ancestors, as gods. They are simply natural forces that were created by Olodumare as part of our benevolent universe. 

It is our belief that the ancient Yoruba did not pray to Olodumare. That was likely introduced when Christianity moved into Africa and  reenforced with the arrival of Islam.

If you yearn for a deeper connection to God but feel unwelcome in your current tradition you can find a new home in Ifa. 

What is Destiny?

Destiny is a loaded word in English. When we talk about destiny we aren’t referring to some unalterable path set out for you by God.

In Ifa, your destiny is your choice. It represents the sum total of all the learning and growth you decided to take on in this lifetime. 

Ifa honors the queer man’s journey by seeing sexuality as an integral part of his destiny. 

What is the Ifa Life Path all about?

Before you came into this life you chose the energetic blueprint that would be with you your entire life. It’s called your life path. It is the true path to your destiny.

The Life Path reading is designed to help you connect with those choices so that you can get every area of your life flowing in harmony.

Understanding your energetic essence will help you let go of everything you’ve been taught about yourself as a queer man so you can be empowered to be authentically you.