Gay Soulmates

Happy New Year everyone! For the first quarter of 2023 we’re going to be focusing on relationships. This month’s vlogs will look at the idea of gay soulmates. How we can look at them in a more balanced, healthy way?

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

What is a soulmate? How can I recognize one?

The idea of “the one” and how destructive it is to the concept of soulmates. We can have more than one soulmate through our lives and even at the same time.

Romantic/Sexual vs. Platonic soulmates. We’ll talk more about platonic soulmates later this month but it’s important to understand that they exist and can appear anywhere in our lives.

The difference between feeling a powerful connection and a soulmate. Using familiarity as a guide.

The possibility of multiple romantic/sexual soulmates in a lifetime and perhaps even at once.

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