Gay Twin Flames

Continuing our focus on relationships and soulmates we’ll be taking a look at a related concept this week. It’s called a twin flame. We’re looking at gay twin flames in specific  In many ways it is even more disempowering that the soulmate idea. But there is another way we can think of it.

Here’s what I covered in the Gay Twin Flames Vlog:

What is a gay twin flame? How do we usually think about the idea of a twin flame. Twin is the key issue.

How does a gay twin flame differ from a gay soulmate as we discussed last week.

Why there are even more issues with a gay twin flame than with a gay soulmate?

The idea of a twin flame can be very comforting , but it is also very disempowering. Here’s why.

As an alternative what if there were groups of related flames coming from a larger fire? Can we think of a gay flame community instead?


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