Coming Out Coaching

Be as Open as You Want, with Whom You Want

coming out coaching for queer men

Your Sexuality is as Unique as Your Fingerprint

There was a moment, probably when you were a kid, that you realized you were different.

If you were lucky you understood what that difference was and embraced your truth. For most of us it hasn’t been that easy. 

You may not understand what makes you tick. You know when you’re attracted to someone, but can’t figure out why.

That’s what coming out coaching starts to explore. We want you to discover that your sexuality is as unique as your fingerprint.

Let go of the labels and get to know the real you.

What Coming Out Means to You

Coming out means different things to different people. My goal for you with coming out coaching is to figure out what it means to you.

Then we can look at when, where, and with whom you want to be more open.

Getting real is about you, and what you want your life to look like. We’ll keep that front and center as we work together.

Coming out isn’t a one time event either. Once you come out to yourself, you’ll spend the rest of your life learning to be more and more open.

It’s also not only about your sexuality. Because we’re different, we all learned to hide. We keep all sorts of things under wraps.

As you get more real you’ll move out of hiding in many ways. Think of them as new ways of coming out.

“Brian really helped me sharpen my view of coming out. The material was very pertinent. He is an excellent presenter.” – Art

Coming Out Coaching Opens Up Better Dating Options

Many of the guys I talk to are really concerned about how being more open might limit their options when looking for a relationship.

If they’re open to more than one gender they worry that they won’t be accepted by someone who isn’t queer, or by men who identify as gay.

As we work together coming out coaching will uncover your truth. That truth is an essential part of who you are.

Living it will ensure that you find the right relationship, with the right person. It’ll make sure they love you for who you really are.

“Brian has been instrumental in helping me accept and embrace my bisexuality.” Billy B.

Find Acceptance for Who You Really Are

The journey to express who you truly are, whether it’s about your sexuality, or anything else, can be so hard.

But, you don’t have to do it alone. Having one person who is on your side. Someone who has gotten to know the real you, and accepts you exactly where you’re at. That’s where to start.

I’d like to be that person. Coming out coaching is how we get there.

We’ll work together to figure out how open you want to be and take steps to get you there that will feel challenging but safe.

If you’re ready to explore how Coming Out Coaching can help you be more authentic, and live proudly as the person you were born to be, then join me for a complimentary Personal Discovery Session. You can learn more and sign up by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coming Out Coaching

Who is GBTQ Men’s Coaching For?

          • I work with queer men across the gender and sexuality spectrum in a respectful and inclusive way.
          • Coaching is ideal for guys who are struggling to know themselves and what they really want from life. 
          • Coaching is also great if you’ve been trying to accomplish something on your own and haven’t been able to. Particularly if you have no idea what’s been holding you back.
          • Many coaches, including me, work in concert with counselors, and therapists. But, a coach is not a substitute for a mental health professional. If you are seeing a therapist, or counselor, it’s important for them to agree before we start working together. 

What is Transformational Coaching?


      • How is transformational coaching different?
          • In regular life coaching your coach acts as an advice giver and guide. With transformational coaching your coach uses many techniques to create powerful lasting change while still providing support and guidance. 
      • What techniques do you use for transformational coaching?
        • I’m a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which provides a powerful set of tools to release negative emotions, reframe limiting beliefs, create supportive values, and set powerful and compelling goals. 
        • Are the changes you make permanent?
          • Yes, while we sometimes need to tackle a particularly challenging issue in several ways, the shifts we create are profound and permanent.

About Coaching Programs

      • What are coaching programs?
          • A coaching program is a preset number of coaching sessions that has a structure and aims at making specific progress over  the time you’re in it. 
      • What are the advantages of a coaching program?
          • Coaching programs create structure and focus. In addition, when you sign up for one of my coaching programs you get access to me by email, text, and for quick check in sessions whenever you need. We’re making a commitment to the process, and each other. 
      • Can coaching be successful without a program?
          • Yes, it can be. But, it’s up to the client to keep the process going by booking sessions. It can be challenging to keep moving when working through difficult issues.

About Gay Life Coach Brian Madigan

      • Why did you become a gay life coach?
        • For most of my life I’ve been driven to help people. Being a gay life coach lets me put my skills and experience to work making the lives of my queer brothers better.
      • What are your qualifications?
        • I am a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
        • I have extensive training and coaching experience from a 25 year career in corporate information technology. 
        • I have experience in many other techniques, from energy healing, to the Sedona Method®, that can be used to foster and create change in my clients. 
      • How long have you been coaching?
          • I focused my business on coaching in 2010 but I’ve been assisting and coaching people throughout my adult life. I’ve even run into people from high school who talk about how much I helped them.