Healing Queer Attachment Trauma

Continuing our focus on relationships for the quarter, we’re looking at attachment styles and their impact on our relationships this month. This week we’ll explore healing queer attachment trauma and the need for care when selecting a professional for help.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

We’ve all suffered at least some attachment issues because of our queerness.

There are many ways to deal with these including engaging in supportive relationships and building a chosen family as we discussed last week.

Professional help is also available in the form of coaches, therapists and other healing professionals. Any work that helps to release stored emotion can be helpful in learning to attach securely.

It’s important to find a healer who understands your unique challenges and history. They must be able to grasp the struggles you’ve had because of your sexuality or gender identity.

That doesn’t mean they have to be queer, but they must be affirming and understand things like our experience of parental rejection, and internalized homophobia.

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