Healthy Queer Attachment

Continuing our focus on relationships for the quarter, we’re looking at attachment styles and their impact on our relationships this month. This week we’ll explore healthy queer attachment that’s available to everyone regardless of their childhood.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

We know that insecure and anxious attachment styles cause issues in relationships of all kinds because they make it difficult for us to trust.

The isolation from insecure or anxious attachment can actually make matters worse as it doesn’t offer us an alternative to what we’ve experienced.

It’s important to remember that there is a way out no matter how intense our feelings may be.

The path forwards is  through the fourth attachment style is called Learned Secure

We can learn to attache securely in adulthood and function from that place the majority of the time. We can heal and have supportive, healthy relationships.

The right healing modality, anything from Reiki to therapy can be your path forward. How you proceed is up to you. But, if the trauma has been severe therapy is your best place to start.

A loving and accepting community that allows you to learn to trust can be equally powerful. It’s one of the ways many queer people have learned how to be in healthy relationship.

A chosen family, along with one or more healing modalities can help you create thriving romantic and platonic relationships.

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