How Naked are You? Really?

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In this months e-zine I’m going to talk about the process of “getting naked” and at the end there’s a special treat to help you figure out how naked you REALLY are…. read on to find out more.

So, how naked are you? I don’t mean literally. When I talk about naked I’m talking about being you, really you, confident, bold, proud. It means shining bright, and being out in every way, in every area of your life  that YOU want to be. It means seeing your gifts, feeling powerful, sexy, ready to accomplish anything. It means doing what you’re here to do, living life, having fun, and feeling successful … all… while finding peace with yourself and the world.

The process of getting naked is really about coming out. Now, when most people talk about coming out they’re referring to the process of telling people about your sexuality. I think about things a bit differently. I believe that coming out is a life-long process that touches every area of your life and every aspect of your being.

Men who are gay, or bi, or wherever you might be on that spectrum, experience pressure from society, family, peers,  and religion. So, we all learned to be shameful of our sexuality and to hide it. But our sexuality isn’t the only thing that we hid.

Treating coming out as a life-long process is the only way to keep discovering things that need to be set free so you can get more naked in life. It’s a continuing process of looking in your closet,  finding out what’s hiding  in there, and then embracing it so that you can have a fuller life.

Everything lurking in your closet is robbing you of energy, depriving you of joy, and keeping you paralyzed with fear. Getting naked means dealing with everything that’s in there until your closet is empty and you’re refreshed, energized, peaceful, and happy. That’s exactly what I help my clients create.

Getting naked involves seven areas of your life. They’re all important, but, some of them will be more important to you than others. You’ll also be way more naked in some of them already.

The seven areas are  :

  1. Yourself. Your sense of who you are, what you want, where YOU want to go.
  2. Your love life.  How to find Mr. right and be in  the KIND of  relationship that you really want to be.
  3. Your friends, getting more naked with the people you’re already close to.
  4. Your career.  How YOU bring more to the table, and create real success, when you can be yourself
  5. Your family. Having the powerful connection and unconditional love you want.
  6. Strangers. Exploring communities where you fit.
  7. Being the best YOU that you can be through personal development or spirituality.

So now that you know about getting naked are you ready to have some fun? Take my “How Naked Are You?” quiz to find out where you really are in being the best you that you can be. Just click here to get started.