How to Find a Gay Soulmate

Continuing our focus on relationships and soulmates we’ll be taking a look at how to find a gay soulmate this week. Letting go of assumptions about what you think we want is critical in the process. Instead, focus on developing skills that will allow you to recognize a soulmate when they show up.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

Soulmates are often surprising, sometimes even contradicting our usual tastes.

We need to let go of our assumptions so we don’t miss someone. If we have too may ideas about who they’re supposed to be we may miss someone who doesn’t fit our limited assumptions.

The pull of a soulmate is often powerful enough to over-ride our usual tastes. IF you find yourself asking “Why am I into them?” it could be a sign.

The best thing we can do to help the process is working on recognizing the soulmate when they show up. Learning to focus on our reactions rather than physical qualities.

You can recognize any soulmate by a feeling of immediate familiarity and growing resonance.

A soulmate will click with you in ways that are surprising, a strong feeling for a thinker, an intellectual connection for someone who is more emotion driven for instance.

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