Let's grab a coffee and have a chat.

Sometimes the most interesting connections happen at random. In lines at coffee shops, airports, or even bars. I love meeting people that way and hearing about their lives. It’s even better when I find out that they’re queer and trying to figure where they fit.

Of course, sitting down over a coffee or a drink is also a great way to get to know someone. The relaxed atmosphere is just about perfect for a first date of whatever kind. I’d love to sit down with you in person and have a chat.  But, I’m here and you’re …. wherever you are on our lovely planet. At least we have the option of grabbing that coffee virtually and getting to know each other a bit. That’s why I’ve left room in my schedule to sit down over a coffee, or tea, or even a glass of wine, and get to know YOU.


What To Talk About?

Well, just about anything.
I like to keep things pretty casual and give us a real opportunity to get to know each other.
That said a little structure can be helpful sometimes.

Let's share where you are in your life and what concerns you....

and talk about where you'd like to be and what you've done to try to get there....

even what you think is holding you back.

I'll share whatever you'd like to know about me.

At the end of the conversation I'll ask what I can do to help support you right now.

Sound Good?

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