Looking for security when it’s time to take risks? Then partner with Orisa Sigidi.

Looking for security when it’s time to take risks? Then partner with the Orisa Sigidi.


This month we’ll complete our exploration of the Orisa with Sigidi the Orisa of protection. There are in fact 401 Orisa, but we’ve only explored the ones that are commonly used in today’s practice. I’ll be introducing you to some of the rarer ones as we move forward. If you have anything about Ifa you’d like me to cover in future posts let me know.

Sigidi is actually an aspect of the Esu energy and so is not an energy one would choose as a Guardian Orisa. But, even if you feel very akin to Sigidi that doesn’t mean that Esu is your Guardian. Each of us has a connection to every Orisa. If you’re interested in taking a big step forward toward living a Purpose Driven Life then click here to sign up for your Life Path Discovery Session.

Sigidi is a very important energy in Ifa. He is responsible for closing down doors, paths, and roads that might do us harm, as well as protecting us and our spaces from negative energy. It is important to remember that even though Sigidi is most often represented as a male the energy is in fact a balance of male and female energy as are all Orisa.

Like Esu, Sigidi is associated with the Earth element. In fact when negative energy approaches it is the Earth that accepts the energy and neutralizes it once SIgidi grounds it. When you enter the home of many Ifa practitioners you may see a fierce-looking sculpture often made of wood and nails sitting near the front door. These are representations of Sigidi and are placed at the entry of our homes to provide protection from negative influences.

Ifa is all about balance. For every light-based supportive energy, there must be a dark-based balancing once. However, we do not make value distinctions between light and dark. Both need each other to exist, and context is extremely important. The light energy that is over-emphasized or simply overly abundant, will quickly throw things out of balance and cause chaos. There are times when we need the strength and destructive force of negative energy to protect us or to transform a situation that is stuck.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when working with Sigidi energy is to assume that it provides limitless protection. To imagine that the Sigidi shield in your pocket will prevent you from coming to harm if you deliberately walk into a dangerous situation is foolish. We must always remember that Ifa assumes that we are using our intelligence, and common sense, to keep ourselves safe. However, there are times in life when our destiny paths require us to walk into dangerous situations. These are the times that we must partner with Sigidi energy so that we can have the protection we need. That means preparing as best we can, and having strategies in place that will minimize the risks as much as possible.

Sigidi shares power places with Esu. Anywhere where roads and paths converge is a great example. Busy circles in cities with many roads branching off from them are a perfect place reflecting the chaos that he can protect us from. Entrances to homes, doorways, and window sills are also great places to make offerings to Sigidi or to place sigidi protective sculptures. One of my favorite places to connect with Sigidi is to sit looking out into the world from my home allowing the outside energies to approach knowing that SIgidi will assist me in preventing anything negative from entering.

With his role as protector most offerings to Sigidi will be hot or fiery. Any kind of hot sauce or chili would make a great offering. Alcohol for thanks can be wonderful as well, particularly something spicy like Fireball. For asking Sigidi to protect my space so that it can be more peaceful I like Dragon’s Blood incense.

If you’re looking to move through life with confidence that you will be safe as long as you use your common sense then connecting regularly with the Sigidi energy is the way to go.

One of the best ways to connect with the Sigidi energy is through the Journey to Sigidi Vision Quest that you can access here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

You can also use this prayer to reach out to the energy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of Esu. Let me know how your connection goes.