New Queer Love Languages

Continuing our focus on relationships for the quarter, we’re looking at the love languages and how they can enrich our relationships this month. This week we’re taking a look at three additional love languages that have been recognized within the queer community. Mr Chapman’s perspective has been limited by his sexism and homophobia. As we look his ideas through a different lens who knows how many more may be discovered.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

Despite their creators narrow perspective it is clear that the love languages do apply to queer couples.

The subtly of the love languages will only grow and expand as society and our understanding of ourselves does.

Several new love languages have been proposed to be more relevant and inclusive for queer people. This version was from “The Span of My Hips” blog.

Acts of Solidarity addresses mixed levels of privilege by asking someone to be an ally to their more marginalized partner.

Acts of Emotional Labour to recognizes the value that one partner places on the other being able to share the emotional “heavy lifting” when needed.

The love language of self-growth recognizes the positive impact that dealing with our stuff with ultimate have on our partner and relationship.

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