The Ori is your destiny. It’s an interesting concept in Ifa. It is much like the Higher Self in other shamanic traditions. Your Ori is the most evolved part of yourself. It is said to contain your connections to all the higher vibrations of the Universe. It is also the true essence of who you are as expressed by the combination of your Life Path, Guardian Orisa, Guardian Ancestor, and the sum total of the experiences you’ve had in this life, and in any past lives, you may have experienced. In other words, your Ori is who you really are.

The energy of your Ori resides at the top of your head. It can sometimes feel like it is showering energy down on you in times of great need or inspiration. Anything that you do in life must be aligned with your Ori, the essence of who you are, in order for it to produce positive results. Your Ori is always trying to express itself in everything thing that you do. Things that you consider essential parts of yourself are likely part of your Ori.

Developing your relationship with the energy is probably the simplest practice in Ifa. All you really need to do is sit quietly, pay attention to the energy at the top of your head, and communicate with it. I usually do that by having an internal conversation and waiting for answers to come. Some people may feel the energy, others may have visions, and there are probably many ways to connect with the Ori that I’m not even aware of. Whatever the case, this is a very personal practice. Your Ori has been with you since the moment of your conception accumulating information, directing you to experiences that will help you grow, and allowing you access to the Orisa, your ancestors (including your guardian ancestor), and all of the forces of the Universe.

It is your Ori that provides continuity between lifetimes. While we may consciously forget the lessons and experiences we’ve had, they are all stored in our Ori and available to us when we need them. This most often comes in the form of simple insights although it can also come as dramatic past life memories.

Ori is one of the three pillars upon which we stand as Ifa practitioners. The other two are the Orisa, and the ancestors. Your Ori creates a stable foundation based on the broader journey that you are traveling over many lifetimes. Developing a close relationship with your Ori will allow you to progress in life. It is one of the most important energies in the Ifa system.