Deciding to work with a coach is an important, and hopefully life changing decision. That’s why I offer a free life coaching session for gay men. During your session we get to explore exactly what it is your trying to accomplish, and give you some clarity around it. 

The meeting will help you figure out if gay men’s life coaching sessions would be right for you, and most importantly, whether I’m the person you want to work with. That last bit is just as crucial for me. 

I’m dedicated to creating lasting change in my clients and helping them reach their goals. If I don’t think we’re the right fit for each other I’ll use the meeting to help us figure out what your best approach would be, even if it’s another coach, a therapist, or a counselor.

There are a lot of coaches out there, good and bad. You should be checking out your options and finding the coach that’s the perfect fit for you. I’d love to help you do that even if it isn’t me. Just keep scrolling below to explore exactly what the free consultation is all about. If you’re ready, just click the button  to schedule your appointment. 

Free Life Coaching Session for Gay Men

  • A one hour, one-on-one, Zoom coaching session with Brian
  • It’s totally FREE, with no obligation.
  • We’ll explore your challenges and your dreams.
  • You’ll start to figure out a plan to move forward.

Why Sign Up for a Free Life Coaching Session for Gay Men?

The free life coaching session for gay men is for you if: 

  • You have an issue you’d like some perspective on.
  • Your life just isn’t working and you’re not sure why.
  • You’ve already tried to sort your issue out on your own but want to look at other options.
  • You’re curious about transformational coaching and how it can help you

What we'll talk about during a free introductory coaching session for queer men

  • We’ll discuss what you’re dealing with.
  • Look at how long it’s been impacting you.
  • Explore what you’ve done about it. What’s worked, and what hasn’t
  • Brainstorm ideas to get you moving.

How this free life coaching session for gay men will help

  • If you’re not sure what’s going on it will give you clarity about your issue. 
  • You’ll get a better understanding of why you’re struggling. 
  • I’ll give you some ideas about how you can deal with it.
  • We’ll figure out if we’d be a good fit to work together. 
  • I’ll let you know how I can help you get where you want to go. 

Do I need to do anything to get ready for my free life coaching session for gay men?

Yes, when you sign up for your free coaching session you’ll fill out a questionnaire to tell me: 

  • About the issues you’re dealing with
  • What you’ve done to figure them out.
  • What’s worked for you so far, and what hasn’t.
  • How long you’ve been struggling with them.
  • How important it is for you to get things figured out.

If you think that a free gay men’s coaching session might be for you jus click the button below to schedule it.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Gay Life Coaching

      • What makes a gay life coach different?
        • Because I’m gay, I get it. I know where you’ve been. We’ll figure out together where you want to go, and how to get you there. 
      • Does Life Coaching Work?
        • Yes, gay life coaching is extremely effective at helping you release what’s in the way so that you can achieve your goals and find the life you’ve been wanting. 
      • How is a gay life coach different from a therapist or counselor?
        • As a coach I have no structure I have to follow, that gives us the freedom to explore lots of different ways to get your life working.
        • Is a gay life coach regulated?
          • No, there is no organization regulating life coaches. That makes it very important for you to feel confident in your coaches ability and experience. That’s why I offer a free consultation. It gives you an opportunity to get know me, and how I work. 

What is Transformational Coaching?


      • How is transformational coaching different?
          • In regular life coaching your coach acts as an advice giver and guide. With transformational coaching your coach uses many techniques to create powerful lasting change while still providing support and guidance. 
      • What techniques do you use for transformational coaching?
        • I’m a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which provides a powerful set of tools to release negative emotions, reframe limiting beliefs, create supportive values, and set powerful and compelling goals. 
        • Are the changes you make permanent?
          • Yes, while we sometimes need to tackle a particularly challenging issue in several ways, the shifts we create are profound and permanent.

Who is GBTQ Men’s Coaching For?

          • I work with queer men across the gender and sexuality spectrum in a respectful and inclusive way.
          • Coaching is ideal for guys who are struggling to know themselves and what they really want from life. 
          • Coaching is also great if you’ve been trying to accomplish something on your own and haven’t been able to. Particularly if you have no idea what’s been holding you back.
          • Many coaches, including me, work in concert with counselors, and therapists. But, a coach is not a substitute for a mental health professional. If you are seeing a therapist, or counselor, it’s important for them to agree before we start working together. 

About Gay Life Coach Brian Madigan

      • Why did you become a gay life coach?
        • For most of my life I’ve been driven to help people. Being a gay life coach lets me put my skills and experience to work making the lives of my queer brothers better.
      • What are your qualifications?
        • I am a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
        • I have extensive training and coaching experience from a 25 year career in corporate information technology. 
        • I have experience in many other techniques, from energy healing, to the Sedona Method®, that can be used to foster and create change in my clients. 
      • How long have you been coaching?
          • I focused my business on coaching in 2010 but I’ve been assisting and coaching people throughout my adult life. I’ve even run into people from high school who talk about how much I helped them.