Platonic Soulmates

Continuing our focus on relationships and soulmates we’ll be taking a look at platonic soulmates this week. When we let go of the disempowering ideas about a single person defined to be ours we can expand the definition of a soulmate to be someone who deeply resonates with us in any area of life

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

What is a platonic soulmate? Can we have more than one?

We can have soulmates in any area of life we’re passionate about.  we support each other on our journeys in whatever field.

This leaves room for deep sustained connections that aren’t romantic. Expanding the possibility of having soulmates of any gender or sexual orientation.

This would include very close friends who may resonate with us on many levels. A BFF is really a platonic soulmate.

You can recognize any soulmate by a feeling of immediate familiarity and growing resonance. Be on the lookout.

The difference between a soulmate and a mentor is the kind of journey. Mentors guide us, soulmates discover with us.

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