Need to Get On With It? Use the Orisha Sango Energy to Develop the Strategies to Get You Moving Forward

Need to Get On With It? Use the Orisha Sango Energy to Develop the Strategies to Get You Moving Forward


This month we’ll continue our exploration of the Orisha with Orisha Sango the Orisha of Strategy, Spirit of Fire, and the energy of the Sun. Even if many of the qualities of the Sango energy resonate with you the only certain way to know who your guardian is, would be to have your Life Path read. Each of us has a connection to every Orisa, your Guardian Orisa isn’t necessarily the one you feel most akin to. If you’re interested in taking a big step forward toward living a Purpose Driven Life then click here to sign up for your Life Path Discovery Session.


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Sango is connected to the Fire element. He occurs in nature as any kind of fire, as well as the power of the sun. Sango is the strategist amongst the Orisa. A great leader and general. He also brings us the lessons of good character without which our strategies are doomed to fail. Sango teaches us to couple our good character, and long-term vision, with strategic thinking in order to move our lives forward. Sango is a passionate warrior, as often depicted with a sword as he is dancing with abandon.

Sango is at home in hot environments. Places where the earth’s fire is evident, like volcanos, and hot springs, are also particular favorites. We can feel his presence anywhere we build a fire. Even a small candle can help us connect. Sango may be among the most masculine of the Orisa, but it is important to remember that all Orisa have a balance of male and female energy.

Sango represents passion as well as strategic thinking. In life, we need to find a balance of both if we are to move powerfully down our destiny paths. Sango helps us to discover the things that truly inspire us in life. He then assists us in developing the plans that can make those dreams a reality. Good character is an important aspect of this energy. Without it, our plans can lead us away from our true path and have us lost in petty desires.

Sango also assists us in seeing through falsehood and deception. His energy can help us see the objective truth in any situation. His energy is also very much about leadership partnering beautifully within us with the Ogun energy. Use Sango to develop the strategies and Ogun to execute the well-laid plans.

Sango is associated with fire and passion. Any naturally hot place, like a desert, is a power place for him. To really amp things up try connecting with his powerful warrior energy on volcanic land. Of course, you can also create a fire in order to feel and connect with his energy. Even a red candle can increase the presence of Sango. There is a powerful connection between the Sango energy and storms. Thunderstorms can be a very good time to connect with the energy.

Sango is the energy of strategy. He can really help us when we’re trying to accomplish something and just aren’t sure how. Sango is also very useful to help us with promoting anything, including ourselves. One of the lessons that the Sango energy will carry to us whenever we’re working with is the necessity for good character. The energy can be persuasive to the point of manipulation making it even more important than usual that we act in good character when working with this energy.

Anything associated with fire, including any kind of fire itself, makes an excellent offering to Sango. Smoke is also another powerful way to connect be it incense, a cigar, or the powerful purification of the agnihotra. The Sango energy is very passionate and in tune with music and dance. Drumming and dance offerings are often made to Sango and can help you energize with his beautiful fire.

People who have chosen a specific Orisa as their guardian are referred to as children of that Orisa. While they may reflect many of the Orisa’s qualities, they don’t do it perfectly. Human beings are connected to all of the Orisa energies. Each of us has a unique balance based on those connections. That’s why you’ll find that children of any given Orisa are so different.

These are some of the qualities Sango’s children possess :

  • They have sudden bursts of anger.
  • They are extremely articulate.
  • They can talk people into whatever they want.
  • They are always looking ahead and predicting other people’s actions.
  • They have had experiences with the dead.
  • They often have premonitions that come true.
  • They have strong reactions to thunderstorms.
  • They love dance and music.
  • People either love them or dislike them, immediately.
  • They often set the trend for their friends or family.
  • They are highly sexual.
  • They love the color red.
  • They have a quick temper.
  • They are physically attractive.
  • They enjoy physical activity.
  • They cut corners whenever they can.

One would connect with Sango to develop strategies to better their lives or to bring in more passion and fire. Sango is also warrior energy able to assist you in the strategies you need to defend yourself and what is yours.

If you’re looking to develop more strategic thinking, bring more passion into your life, or fire things up, then connecting regularly with the Sango energy is the way to go. One of the best ways to connect with the Sango energy is through the Journey to Sango Vision Quest that you can access here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

You can also use this prayer to reach out to the energy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of Sango Let me know how your connecting goes.