The Gay Fear of Turning 50

For the second quarter of the year we’re focusing on getting older. April’s Vlogs are all about embracing and celebrating milestones as we age. We’re moving ahead a decade this week. So what’s with this gay fear of turning 50?

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

Most gay men, and honestly many people, find turning fifty difficult.

So many of us, particularly within gay male culture, feel erased once we hit that milestone.

It’s true. Ageism is a huge issue within our community. But, who exactly is telling you you’re old?

Most of the negative energy we receive as we get older is from much younger men. For some of us these judgments can feel devastating.

But, honestly, why are we giving them so much  power. Do we pay attention to what they think in any other area of life?

It’s one thing to respect what younger men think. It’s another to allow them to judge from a position of inexperience and ignorance.

When we’re young we never think about getting older. Add the pervasive Peter Pan complex to the mix and things can get downright ridiculous.

The truth is, that the only one who’s telling you you’re old is you.

Yes, aging happens. Sometimes the process brings serious challenges. But, even then you’ve lived a good long time and experienced more than some young guys ever will.

Particularly in our generation, survival itself is a cause for celebration. So shout it from the rooftops and party like it’s 1999. Fifty is only a big deal if you let it be.

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