The Love Languages for Gay Couples

Continuing our focus on relationships for the quarter, we’re looking at the love languages and how they can enrich our relationships this month. This week I’m speaking about love languages for gay couples. As queer people the way we operate in partnership can be very different from straight people. Let’s explore how this impacts the love languages.

Here’s what I covered in the Vlog:

We often define our relationships differently than straight couples and we have other things to consider when fulfilling our partner’s needs.

I took a look at each of the love languages an some ideas about how to explore each one.

Words Affirmation: our culture has it’s own language and queer people need different types of affirmation.

Acts of Service: Doing things for your partner might look very different when we consider the things we as queer people might need.

Gifts : This one might be similar but we’re much more open sexually so naughty gifts could be a whole lot more desirable.

Quality Time: Carefully consider what your love interest would consider quality time. It might not be what you do.

Physical Touch: This is different because PDA’s can be challenging and even dangerous for us. My need to hold hands has presented some real, and imagined issues over the years. 

The love languages are nuanced for every couple. Your queerness is part of that.

We owe it to ourselves to understand how our journeys have created specific needs to feel loved and appreciated.