What about Bisexual Spirituality?

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been focusing on spirituality as it relates to gay men. This week we’re going to switch gears and look at bisexual spirituality.,

Looking at Subtler Dimensions

When we consider spirituality we look at the deeper dimensions of life. We move out of the tangible/objective realm and into the intangible/subjective. It’s a very personal journey. It not only shows us deeper truths about ourselves but also reveals the broader Universe. 

Bisexual men are on their own spiritual journey. The differences between men aren’t only superficial. When we look below the surface we discover nuances unique to bisexual men. Most bisexual men sense their difference long before puberty, usually around seven years old. Because we live in a homophobic society some guys repress their sexuality, pretending to be straight. This doesn’t change who they are. In fact, that hiding can disconnect them from their deepest selves.

The Bisexual Spiritual Essence

That sense of not fitting in is common to all queer men. Our difference stems from the core of our beings. One of the most challenging things for bisexual men is being rejected in the queer community. Many gay men dishonor bi guys. We reject their fluidity because it makes us uncomfortable. But, that fluidity comes from their core and is a part of their true essence. 

If you’re a bisexual man your sexual fluidity is only the tip of a very large, energetic, iceberg. Underneath the surface your attraction to, and ability to fall in love with, both genders comes from an essential part of who you are that makes you different from other men. The way you see the world around you, your approach to exploring the deeper dimensions of life, and your spiritual perspective is unique.

Bisexual men have a group perspective. Your sexuality is a reflection of a deeper spiritual essence even if homophobia, and biphobia, have made you feel the need to hide it.

A Different Experience in Any System

Your unique experience,  your essence as a bisexual man, will impact your journey regardless of the tradition you’re practicing. If you’re a Christian, it will give you a different kind of relationship with God and with Jesus. 

In shamanic traditions most queer men, you included, move more easily with the darker feminine energies. Some men find these energies utterly terrifying. As a bisexual shaman, you have the ability to overcome fear and act as a bridge to the divine feminine for other men.

No matter what your religion, or spiritual practice, it will be informed by your deepest spiritual essence. While that essence is unique to you, bisexual men are unified in the way they interact with the energies of the Universe.

The Unique Contributions of Bisexual Spirituality

Embracing your truth in whatever spiritual community you’re part of is important. On a personal level, spiritual engagement will deepen your experience of your spiritual essence. 

But, it is equally important for your community. Diversity is what allows communities to grow. Your contribution as a bisexual man can be powerful. It allows others to gain access to insights that only you can have. You’re not spiritually, or energetically, the same as other men. Your fluidity is the greatest gift that you can bring to the spiritual table.  Each group of people has its own path, as does each individual. Your unique experiences and insights are meant to strengthen whatever community that you’re part of. 

Bisexual spirituality is about expressing your truth, embracing fluidity, and bridging the gaps between men. It is far more than a physical and emotional understanding of your sexuality. 

Our community loses out when we reject bisexual men. You’re a critical piece of the LGBTQ+ puzzle. You can contribute more, in ways that only you can, by exploring and expressing your deepest self. A self that we should all value.

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