An Ifa Reading  Illuminates the Energy Flow That the Person Is in.

But, what is an Ifa Reading and how dies ut work? Ifa divination is not fortune telling. It does not attempt to predict the future. Instead, it illuminates the energy flow that the person being divined for is in. It determines whether they are maximally aligned with that energy, as well as what area of their life that energy is likely to impact, and how. Ifa also provides a solution to either re-align or deepen current alignment, by making simple offerings to specific universal energies that are intended to get the person back into energetic balance.

The Ifa divination system is based on a set of 256 energies. You can think of them as currents in the river we call life. Through connection with the energy of wisdom and knowledge the initiated Ifa priest is able to determine the specific energy flows for the person being read. We also have the ability to ask simple yes/no questions in order to receive guidance about our decisions.

Clients typically come for readings about once a month. They form the basis of my Ifa coaching practice. My Ifa transformational coaching clients typically join me for a second session mid-month to review their progress with the energies of the reading and do transformational and goal-oriented work.

Your Life Path

There is a special kind of reading that is only done once. This was traditionally done on the third day after a baby was born. The Life Path reading is about discovering the unique path that you chose before you came into this life.

You came to the Earth with a purpose. The closest translation of the Yorba word is destiny. Your destiny is a series of choices you made before incarnation regarding the lessons, growth, wisdom, and knowledge that you were looking for in this lifetime.

Your life path is one of the 256 possible energy flows that I spoke about earlier. You also chose a Guardian Energy (or Orisa) at that time. Your connection with that particular energy is the strongest, and most important. The combination of your unique personality, your Life Path, and your Guardian Energy leads you to choose a specific ancestral energy that will also travel the path with you this lifetime. This Guardian Ancestor acts as a guide, and sometimes protector as you move through life.

If you’re curious about your chosen Life Path click this link and sign up for your complimentary Life Path Discovery Session.