Coaching Is About Getting You to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Coach is an archetype in our culture. It brings to mind someone who is on your team, encourages, teaches, and gives you a good push when you need it. Coaching is all about stretching people’s comfort zones. The results you get are directly related to the work that you’re willing to do. In our coaching sessions we’ll focus more on your path, your mind, your emotions, and your growth.

There's a fine line between pushing through a comfort zone and creating unnecessary stress. A good coach gets to know how far you can be pushed before you cross that line. A little fear of change is normal and expected. Constant stress and terror are not. We’re trying to make your life better not add unneeded challenges.

"Brian guided me to think in new ways helping me to get out of a locked down, negative, place. He pushed me in new and beneficial directions, but the changes occurred gradually, and at my own pace. It allowed significant changes to happen in a natural, comfortable, way" - Steve C.

Everyone is different. I can’t recall a single time that someone has had to push me into action unless it was to move me beyond fear. I usually jump in head first. If you’re like me then my role as a coach is to reel you in and help you consider the longer-term implications of what your about to do.

Of course you may be the exact opposite. Then my role could well be about keeping you motivated, accountable, and in action. Whatever the case your best interest, and long-term goals, are always the focus of our work together.

I’ve tweaked my approach to coaching so its more relevant for men. Men tend to avoid reaching out for help, or talking about deeper personal issues. My coaching is direct and action oriented. We will dig deep, and it may get uncomfortable for you sometimes, but you don’t need to get into a lot of "touch feely" processing unless it’s what you really want.