What is Gay Spirituality?

Last week we explored why it’s important for queer people to engage spiritually. This week we’re going a little deeper. What is gay spirituality, and what separates us spiritually/energetically from other people?

Looking at Subtler Dimensions

When we consider spirituality we look at the deeper dimensions of life. We move out of the tangible and objective realm and into the intangible and subjective. It is a very personal journey. It not only shows us deeper truths about ourselves, but it also reveals the broader Universe. 

Gay men are different. The differences aren’t only superficial. When we look below the surface we discover even more evidence that we’re not like straight, bisexual, or trans men. Most gay men awaken to that difference long before puberty, usually around seven years old. We sense something more subtle than the sexual drives that awaken at puberty. We realize that our energy, our essence, is different from other boys. 

The Gay Spiritual Essence

What we feel, even at that young age, is a difference that stems from the core of our beings. It often manifests as being more sensitive, or less aligned with typical male interests. But, that’s not always true. Those qualities are just outer manifestations of deeper differences. 

Your sexual attraction is the tip of a very large, energetic, iceberg. While outer manifestations are the most obvious they’re not the whole picture. Underneath the surface your attraction to, and ability to fall in love with, other men makes your entire reality different. The way you see the world around you, your approach to exploring the deeper dimensions of life, and your spiritual perspective is unique. 

We also have a group perspective which is where that uniqueness comes from. Your sexuality is a reflection of a deeper spiritual essence.

A Different Experience in Any System

Your unique experience,  your essence as a gay man, will impact your journey regardless of the tradition you’re practicing. If you’re a Christian, it will give you a different kind of relationship with God and with Jesus. 

In shamanic traditions most queer men, you included, move more easily with the darker feminine energies than straight men. In fact, many straight and bisexual men find these energies utterly terrifying. They have been a crucial part of my journey as a gay shaman. 

No matter what your religion or spiritual practice it will be informed by your deepest spiritual essence. While that essence is unique to you, we as gay men are unified in the way we interact with the energies of the Universe.

The Unique Contributions of Gay Spirituality

Embracing your truth in whatever spiritual community you’re part of is important. On a personal level, spiritual engagement will deepen your experience of your spiritual essence. 

But, it is equally important for your community. Diversity is what allows communities to grow. Your contribution as a gay man can be powerful. It allows others to gain access to insights that only you can have. 

We are not spiritually, or energetically, the same as other men. Each group of people has its own path, as does each individual. Your unique experiences and insights are meant to strengthen whatever community you’re part of. Gay spirituality is about expressing our true essence. That essence is far more than the physical and emotional understanding of our sexuality. You contribute more, in ways that only you can, by exploring your deepest self

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