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How Gay Life Coaching can Help You Find the Real You

You are unique. My job as your  gay men’s life coach, is to help you find the real you.
I love doing gay life coaching because it’s totally different with every guy I work with. I get to discover the amazing man hiding inside at the same time you do.
It can  be tough to find the real you but, you don’t have to do it alone.
Together we can figure out what you really want and how to make it happen.

Gay life coaching is about me being one part coach, one part guide

Let’s uncover everything that’s been in the way of your happiness and fulfillment.
  • Explore what you want to change. 
  • Look at everything that’s holding you back.
  • Deal with troubling negative emotions. 
  • Delve into beliefs and decisions that are in the way.
  • Sort through your values to effortlessly get you where you’re going. 
  • Set specific, achievable, goals and make sure you stay on track

“The changes I made with Brian as my gay men’s life coach have improved every area of my life. How I connect and react to other people has improved. The way I deal with my family in a reasonable, steady way. My responses are more “me centered”. I feel empowered to do what I need to do.” – AG

If all this is makes sense to you we can probably accomplish great things together. 

To explore what gay men’s life coaching can do for your life just look at the options below and figure our what area of your life you’d like to move forward with.

Gay Life Coaching Options

Gay Life Coaching to Find the Love You’ve Been Craving?

You Need To: Get Real for Romance

Relationships are a mystery to a lot of guys. How to find the right person can be an even bigger one. With love, and yes sex, as our focus we’ll figure out not just who you want to be with, but what you want that relationship to look like. We’ll make sure you’re out there looking for the right person.

Gay Life Coaching to Easily Move Into Mid-Life and Beyond?

You Need To: Stay Real as You Get Older

In our youth obsessed culture it can be tough to face the simple fact that we’re all getting older. But, you can find peace with the process and forge your own path forward to aging gracefully.

Gay Life Coaching to Create a Career You’re Proud Of?

You Need To: Get Real at Work

The office can be one of the most challenging places to be yourself. Whether you’re looking to be more open at work, make a career change, or figure out what you really want to be doing, together we can find the best path forward for you.

Gay Life Coaching to Learn to be the Real You?

You Need To: Get Real by Coming Out

Sexuality is a sensitive, and very personal, aspect of everyone’s makeup. Yours is as unique as you are. Together we can explore your attraction dynamics and figure out when, and with whom, you want to be out. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gay Life Coaching

About Gay Life Coaching

      • What makes a gay life coach different?
        • Because I’m gay, I get it. I know where you’ve been. We’ll figure out together where you want to go, and how to get you there. 
      • Does Life Coaching Work?
        • Yes, gay life coaching is extremely effective at helping you release what’s in the way so that you can achieve your goals and find the life you’ve been wanting. 
      • How is a gay life coach different from a therapist or counselor?
        • As a coach I have no structure I have to follow, that gives us the freedom to explore lots of different ways to get your life working.
        • Is a gay life coach regulated?
          • No, there is no organization regulating life coaches. That makes it very important for you to feel confident in your coaches ability and experience. That’s why I offer a free consultation. It gives you an opportunity to get know me, and how I work. 

Who is GBTQ Men’s Coaching For?

          • I work with queer men across the gender and sexuality spectrum in a respectful and inclusive way.
          • Coaching is ideal for guys who are struggling to know themselves and what they really want from life. 
          • Coaching is also great if you’ve been trying to accomplish something on your own and haven’t been able to. Particularly if you have no idea what’s been holding you back.
          • Many coaches, including me, work in concert with counselors, and therapists. But, a coach is not a substitute for a mental health professional. If you are seeing a therapist, or counselor, it’s important for them to agree before we start working together. 

About Gay Life Coach Brian Madigan

      • Why did you become a gay life coach?
        • For most of my life I’ve been driven to help people. Being a gay life coach lets me put my skills and experience to work making the lives of my queer brothers better.
      • What are your qualifications?
        • I am a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
        • I have extensive training and coaching experience from a 25 year career in corporate information technology. 
        • I have experience in many other techniques, from energy healing, to the Sedona Method®, that can be used to foster and create change in my clients. 
      • How long have you been coaching?
          • I focused my business on coaching in 2010 but I’ve been assisting and coaching people throughout my adult life. I’ve even run into people from high school who talk about how much I helped them.