Your Ifa Guardian Ancestor

Your Ifa Guardian Ancestor


This month we’ll be continuing our exploration of the Ancestral energy with the Ifa Guardian Ancestor. We exist as boundless energy between lifetimes. When it’s our turn to take a trip to Earth we meet with a council of elders and determine many of the things that will influence the quality of our life. One of these is the Guardian Ancestor.


your guardian ancestor
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Your Ifa Guardian Ancestor is a blood relative who passed away before your conception. They have agreed to join you on your journey to the marketplace we call Earth to provide guidance and protection. They are also your primary representative of the ancestral realm.

The Guardian Ancestor is most often “read” as part of your Life Path, which is a map of your destiny choices meant to help you navigate the twists and turns of life. We first determine which side of your family the Guardian comes from, then your Guardian’s gender. This may not seem like much information but it is enough to begin developing this powerful relationship. If you already have your Life Path without it your Guardian ancestor can be read at any time.

If you happen to have a family tree we can even divine the specific ancestor. This is by no means critical to developing the relationship. I’m fortunate, as an adoptee, that I’ve been able to piece together enough genealogy to have the name of my Guardian. I have a friend who has her family tree traced back centuries, but her Guardian is even older so all she knows is that he is on her father’s side. We both connect as powerfully with our respective Guardians.

A couple of years into my Ifa journey I started struggling. Why weren’t my adoptive grandparents’ ancestors? I was in the middle of a week of ancestor connection and had a particularly deep meditation. My Guardian Ancestor came through, with his wife. Then I felt the presence of my grandparents. I ended the connection with an understanding that changed everything. It’s not that my grandparents were no longer available. Their role with me is different. Because I’m part of another bloodline my journey reflects the larger lessons needed by my lineage.

I also felt a huge surge of love and gratitude flowing from my Guardian to them. Thanks for the love and support they’d both given me. The lines are linked through me but remain separate. That insight allowed me to move forward. I appreciate my ancestors as well as the people who helped raise me. It’s hard to explain how deep that healing was. If you’re adopted I’m sure you understand.

Your Guardian Ancestor brings perspective. They’ve watched over you since your conception. More than anyone, they get what makes you tick. They see your flaws and your strengths. They’ll remind you of either when needed.

Connecting is simple. All you need is a white candle and a glass of pure water. From there you can use the Guardian Ancestor prayer I’ve attached, or you can begin the connection with the Journey to the Land of the Ancestors Vision Quest for an even deeper experience. Just remember to call on your Guardian at the end of the Vision Quest. Connect with your Guardian on a daily basis to experience this deeply personal and supportive spiritual relationship.

Click Here for the Guardian Ancestor Prayer

For a deeper experience try the Journey to the Land of the Ancestors Vision Quest that you can listen to here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.