Your Ifa Life Path

Your Ifa Life Path


In this post, I’m going to talk about your Ifa Life Path. In Ifa we believe that every person comes to the Earth with a purpose. The closest translation of the Yoruba word is destiny. Your destiny is a series of choices that you made before incarnation regarding the lessons, growth, wisdom, and knowledge, that you were looking for in this lifetime. At the end of your life, everything that you have gained is passed on to your ancestral pool and perhaps the entire species.


your life path
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As part of the process of getting ready to come here, you chose the specific Life Path energy that would best assist you in getting the lessons you’re looking for. The best way to think about your Life Path is as a flow of energy. Your path is one of 256 possible energy flows that humans express as they move through life. It may help to think of the life path as a current within the greater river of existence. Always remember that your life path was a choice based on the specific learning you were looking to do while here.

Some people are concerned about being restricted to a single path. While your Life Path is the primary flow you operate in, you’ll be navigating many others, perhaps even most of them, at some point in your life. Knowing your Life Path is about empowerment. It is more about understanding how to orient yourself towards what happens in your life rather than a prediction of the events you’ll experience.

My husband Jack and I are a great example of how different people with the same life path can be. Not only do we both have the same Life Path energy, we even have the same guardian. You might be led to assume that we are very similar people. But, who we are, and how those energies get expressed in our lives are completely different. Everyone filters their Life Path energy differently based on their cultural background and life experience. When you really get to know Jack and me the deeper similarities are undeniable but at first glance, you might be very surprised that we are walking similar paths.

If you’re curious about what your path is, then why not sign up for a complimentary Life Path Discovery Session? In your session you’ll start to understand the Life Path you selected, as well as which Guardian Orisa you chose. We’ll delve into the areas of your life you’re finding most challenging and look at some concrete steps you can take to improve things.

Understanding your Life Path, and how to move with it, are two of the most powerful things that Ifa can add to your life.